Sunday, November 8, 2009


Things have been a lot more 'slow going' lately; we have so so SO much going on! Not only have we been trying to purchase an amazing house, (we should FINALLY close this week!!!) packing and cleaning, but I threw my back out again on Friday.... oh yeah, and I'm 36 weeks pregnant!! Baby Lydia will be here before we know it...... We are so excited!!!

I've got several sessions in my pocket to post; will do that over the next couple of days. I had a 'farm session' one Saturday a couple weeks ago and have 2 more sessions other than this one to post.

This family is my cousin Clarissa, her husband Andy, and their kids Jenna and Alex.... Their session turned out great!! I'll definitely be booking more 'farm sessions' next year when I'm not so pregnant! :-)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Great job cousin! Love them!

Jamie said...

WOW and I'm supposed to be able to pick 1 of those?!?! They look GREAT Amy I can't wait to see ours!

nsf said...

Love them all! Great job Amy and all the Klingenbergers! And dogs too :)