Thursday, March 4, 2010


OK, so since I was on 'maternity leave' and had Lydia and now am technically back into full swing, I've had a REAL hard time keeping up posting all of my photos of my sessions online!

Seriously, I probably have like 10 shoots that never even made it on here. I guess I should just be thankful that I did the work for my clients, and they have their images... :)

But here is a session I did when I was suuuuper pregnant with Lydia; I photographed this family a while back in the fall, and they had me come back and take some 'naked baby pics' of their 7 month old... seriously, the BEST time to do naked baby photos!!! She did AWESOME, and here are some of my faves. I had tons of beautiful 'butt shots', but won't be putting them up here for the sake of her privacy. :-) But just know that they looked SO CUTE!!!

Do you have a 7 month old that you'd like to get 'nakey' pictures of??? :-)

Trick or Treat was the week before this shoot, so we dressed the girls back up in their costumes to get some shots of the girls in them!!!

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