Thursday, July 29, 2010


Oh thank the LORD for having more versatility now!!! Now that we've moved into a bigger home, I actually have ROOM for portrait sessions. I am able to have you come to my home and be photographed on my backgrounds, using my professional studio light. All of these photos were taken either in my home or in my yard.... which is ALSO great for photos!!!

These photos are of Baby Evan at 7 months... the perfect age to do naked baby photos! Oh, and who doesn't love naked baby photos??? As soon as I posted my last session like this, his Mommy contacted me and said "Put me down for naked baby photos at 7 months...." (that was when her baby was like 2 months old....) :-)

We even got a couple of 4th of July celebrators Evan and Lydia (my daughter) together as well!

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