Saturday, August 7, 2010

Downtown Dayton Skyline

Last night I called my mom up to see if she'd be up for watching the kiddos at the very last second so that Michael and I could go downtown, and she said yes!

A couple times a year, all of the buildings in the Dayton Skyline leave their lights on so that photographers have a chance to photograph it in all it's splendor... I started off really shaky and frustrated at myself and seriously almost went home absolutely defeated.... and then I changed my frame of mind on HOW to shoot this successfully and I got some amazing shots! Here is one that I just HAD to process last night when I got home... I am so in love with it!

Funny thing is that while I was taking this photo, (a 30 second exposure) my battery died! I had just changed my lens and wondered what it looked like, but I had no idea.... so when we changed locations and I changed my battery out, I was blown away!


theblondemotherbear said...

Looks great!

erinne said...

gerry says 'i'm impressed!' he had trouble finding a vantage point he liked :)